Bangkok Cafe Guide – Must Visit Places in Bangkok 2

When people think of Bangkok, the first few things that comes to mind are probably Tom Yam Soup, Pad Thai, Wanton Mee, Platinum Mall and Chatuchak Market, etc. However, those are not the only things that Bangkok has to offer. One area that is starting to gain popularity amongst Singaporeans, other tourists and also the locals is the Cafe scene in Bangkok. The popular items on the menu topped with meticulous decorations and unique ambience are the main factors that entice patrons to go back for more. In this Bangkok Cafe Guide, you can find the Must Visit Cafes in Bangkok and also the Must Try items on their menu.  Bangkok Cafe Guide Bangkok Cafe Guide Bangkok Cafe Guide Bangkok Cafe Guide Bangkok Cafe Guide  

Bangkok Cafe Guide

1. Mr Jones Orphanage

One thing that I absolutely love about Mr Jones Orphanage is the way it is decorated. The teddy bears, toy soldiers, wooden horses and colorful pastries in the cafe makes you feel like you’re transformed into another world where all your childhood fantasies came true.

Mr. Jones Orphanage

Mr. Jones Orphanage


Bangkok Local Food Guide – Must Visit Places in Bangkok Part 1

Bangkok may not be a very big city but planning a trip there for the first time may cause a headache for some. My trip to Bangkok for the first time was 7 days long. Some of the places that I visited were worth going but some were not. So if this is your first time planning a trip to Bangkok, this series of blog posts is a compiled list of places that many will agree are must see, must eat and not forgetting must shop in Bangkok. First up, your comprehensive Bangkok Local Food Guide.

Bangkok Local Food Guide

1. SabX2 (Wanton Mee & Braised Pork Trotter )



Guide to Bangkok

After hearing all the hype about how cheap the clothing and how good the food is in Bangkok, my boyfriend and I decided to set Bangkok as our destination this summer. Below are some information that we have gathered during the trip. Those of you that are planning your own free and easy trips to bangkok may find this Guide to Bangkok useful.

Trip Information (guide to bangkok)

Destination: Bangkok, Thailand
Time Difference: Bangkok is 1 hour before SingaporeScreen Shot 2013-08-18 at 6.13.27 PM
Duration: 8 days
Date: 1st Aug 2013 – 8th Aug 2013
Flight: Jetstar (Singapore Changi Airport to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport)
Accommodation: Hotel Novotel Bangkok Platinum
Amount Spent: Approximately 1000SGD


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