Guide to Narita (成田)


Narita is a popular transit destination for international travellers going to Tokyo. However, few would choose to spend some time in Narita before heading to Tokyo. The only reason why my friends and I decided to spend 2 days in Narita was because we had some time to kill before our flight to Hokkaido. It was only after doing some research that we realised what Narita had to offer. Guide to Narita (成田)

Accommodations in Narita Guide to Narita (成田)

1. Kirinoya Ryokan Guide to Narita (成田)

DSC_0077DSC_0087 DSC_0092 DSC_0090 DSC_0096

Since this was the first accommodation that my friends and I stayed at after touching down, Kirinoya Ryokan was where we experienced our first ever ryokan stay. (Ryokans are traditional Japanese Inns characterised by tatami floors, futon beds, Japanese style bath and local cuisine.) Thankfully, we enjoyed our stay so much that at the end of the stay, we were worried that the other accommodations could not compare.Guide to Narita (成田)

We did not have any problems getting to the accommodation because the owner provided us with free transportation to and fro the train station. Communication wasn’t a problem as well as the owner speaks English. We were particularly pleased with the overall experience and the sumptuous dinner that was included in the room rate. Getting to popular attractions such as the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple only takes about 5 mins by foot. Guide to Narita (成田)

DSC_0105 DSC_0110

Since we just touched down, we haven’t got accustomed to the standard/quality of food in Japan and thus, this meal was extremely satisfying for us. We even arranged for dinner at the ryokan the next day before heading to our next accommodation. Guide to Narita (成田)

Would definitely recommend this place!

58 Tamachi, Narita,
Chiba Prefecture 286-0024,


2. 9h (Nine Hours) Guide to Narita (成田)

We were looking for an accommodation near or in the airport for the second day of our trip because we had to catch an early flight to Hokkaido the next morning. So we came across this interesting “hotel” and decided that we had to stay there for one night.

DSC_0359DSC_0360DSC_0365Wifi and list of amenities available.DSC_0361The impression that I got from 9h is that everything is very efficient and well-thought out. The place is designed in such a way that you will first see the check-in “room”. Then, you will proceed to the locker room where you deposit your valuables and belongings in your assigned locker. The next room is the shower/toilet. Lastly, you will proceed to the Sleep Pods. Guide to Narita (成田)DSC_0368DSC_0373A bag which includes a sleeping attire, towel, bedroom slippers, toothpaste and toothbrush will be given to each guest. Guide to Narita (成田)DSC_0371DSC_0374Locker RoomDSC_0375DSC_0388DSC_0383DSC_0385 copyMany people asked me if it was claustrophobic to sleep in the capsule. The answer is no! I planted myself in the capsule to show you how much space there was. DSC_0393Overall 9h provides an interesting experience on top of being an accommodation. Would definitely recommend this place as well!

Narita International Airport Terminal 2
1-1 Furugome, Narita-City,
Chiba 282-0004 Japan


Things to do in Narita


1. Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple

Naritasan Shinsho-ji TempleNaritasan Shinsho-ji Temple is a popular Shingon Buddhist temple in Narita. This temple has a history of over 1000 years.  Guide to Narita (成田)DSC_0336

1 Narita, Chiba Prefecture
286-0023, Japan

2. Free Kimono Try-On

When planning for the trip, we did chance upon this activity on trip advisor but we figured that FREE kimono try-on sounds too good to be true. So we decided against including it in our itinerary. Luckily, we chanced upon the venue while strolling along omotesando street and decided to give it a shot.

DSC_0233Where the free try-ons are held. 
Once you are inside, you get to first choose your favourite kimono from the collection that they have. After that, the friendly staff will help you put on your kimono.

DSC_0277Everything from top to bottom (including clogs & props) will be provided.

DSC_0257DSC_0301Group photo with my graduation trip gang 🙂 Guide to Narita (成田)

This place is definitely a must-visit for tourists visiting narita! The best part? It is really, absolutely FREE! You can choose to make a donation only if you want to.

NakamachiNarita 286-0027,
Chiba Prefecture

Open only on Wednesdays and Fridays.

3. Omotesando Street

The Narita Omotesando Street is 800 meters long. It extends from the JR Narita Station to the Shinsho-ji Temple. A couple of restaurants selling narita’s famous unagi (eels) can be found on this street.

DSC_0209DSC_0211DSC_0213Cafe on Omotesando Street

DSC_0230Mochi Stall Guide to Narita (成田)DSC_0315Honey Ice Cream
You will also be able to find souvenir shops along the Omotesando Street as well.

What to Eat in Narita

Narita is famous for its freshly grilled Unagi. If you love Unagi, it is something that you should not miss out on when in Narita. With that in mind, we asked the ryokan owner for recommendations on which restaurant to visit.  Guide to Narita (成田)



Most of the patrons in Kawatoya are actually locals. My general rule of thumb when it comes to finding food overseas is: Follow the Locals. True enough, the unagi at Kawatoya is really one of the best I’ve had so far. Not only is it fresh and tasty, it also melts in your mouth!

That is all for Narita! Stay tuned for updates on the rest of my Japan Trip.



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